Ludovic Malot Astrologie Chinoise Conseil en recrutement

Man is not mere “resources” but a talented and luminous being when the rules of life, knowledge,  ancestor worship are maintained and cultivated. In the Chinese Tradition, the energies transmitted by the ancestors are decisive whether they are beneficial or harmful and they can be modified by a resolute intention of the native, holder of free will. The universe, Life in general is not static but a phenomenon of perpetually pulsating movement.

We are all different and unique, by our talents, our creativity, our motivations and passions. As an employer, entrepreneur, everyone needs to surround themselves with the best skills, the best talents, the most suitable personalities to fulfill a particular role. The “human” aspect is very often neglected and underestimated in the economic sphere and the recruitment process of companies.

Each person is unique and acts differently depending on their personality, education, life experience, astral influences present at birth, and its destiny.

Ludovic Malot, Chinese Astrologer, carries out astral themes for companies wishing to know more about natives who are candidates for an executive position in middle or senior management.

This analysis is made to measure with the client, and covers the following points in particular:

  • Astral tendency of the terrestrial branch (one of the 12 bestial representations, one of the 5 elements, i.e. 60 different profiles)
  • Astral tendency of the dominant profile (Royal, Martial, Civil or/and Literary)
  • Native’s star groups
  • Candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Potential of the candidate
  • Contribution of the native to the company “energy” and in behavioral terms

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