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” What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others ” – Confucius

Ludovic Malot

Ludovic Malot is a Chinese Astrologer, Holistic Therapist trained in the teachings of the Vietnamese astrologer Vo Van Em and in particular the specialist in Chinese tradition and medicine, Jacques-André Lavier and the sinologist Jean-Michel de Kermadec

You didn’t come here by accident.

You are here because you want to know more about yourself…

Perhaps, you also want to know yourself better from the angle of energies?

Or you seek to raise awareness of what escapes you…

Or are you trying to find out what your life is made for?

Or any other existential issue to clarify?

You present yourself in the right Temple…

Chinese Astrology is more than 5000 years old originating from the Yi-King (Book of Transformations) It is a complex art, much more precise than the commonly called “Western Astrology” which tends to complete it. In the pure Chinese Tradition and the great knowledge acquired by our ancestors, man progresses in a cyclic evolution between Yin (the ground, the feminine) and the Yang (the sky, the masculine) in symbiosis with the 4 cardinal points and the 5 elements : Wood, Earth, Water, Metal and Fire.

All is energy, all is transformation and mutation. Chinese Astrology makes it possible to identify in the 12 “Palaces” of existence the karmic energies that you chose for yourselves at your birth (year, month, day, hour and place) The knowledge of these astral energies numbering 111 stars, your celestial root, your dominant element, the positioning of the stars, their combination with major and minor stars in the astral chart makes it possible to identify your strengths and your weaknesses, what you are made for, what are the major obstacles to overcome in your life and to establish the reading grid of your destiny.

The mobile stars, 9 in number, move each year from one sector to another and strengthen or weaken specific fixed stars. They reveal opportunities and threats and the right moments to make changes, set up projects and fully realize oneself. Destiny is not necessarily inevitable, getting to know yourself better also means anticipating and finding the strength, the determination to adjust harmful astral energies, take advantage of the influence of beneficial stars and fully assume your responsibilities, the conscious choices of your existence.

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